Hi everyone! If you chose to read my Found Poem, thank you! These words are lyrics from the late Mac Miller’s song “Come Back to Earth” which discusses his mental health issues. I decided to pick these lyrics because it’s upsetting to me that not too long after this album came out, the artist passed away tragically. This song is about his regrets in life and how he feels he is drifting around in nothingness. I chose this also because I feel that many people can relate to the demons of regret that eat away at one’s mind. This poem is pretty dark which is reflective of the dark voices in people’s heads who struggle with their mental health. Mental health has been stigmatized in our society and I feel that if people didn’t turn away from those who suffer mentally, we wouldn’t have lost the amazing Mac Miller who struggled with mental health and addiction.

2 thoughts on “Regrets”

  1. hi Mikey

    I used to listen to Mac all the time with my brother, it was so sad hearing he passed. I loved your poem. Mental illness is very stigmatized, you’re right. It was nice to see an artist honestly speak out about the issues he’s dealing with so bluntly and openly.

  2. Hi Mikey,
    I love Mac, and the messages in his songs are powerful. I was so surprised when he passed away, I didn’t believe it at first. Overall, mental illness has become a lot more popular and it is upsetting that people have to pass away for a change to be made but I think the idea of mental illness is starting to make a change for the better.

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