Blurred Lines

Hi guys! I choose to make my poem out of lines from the song “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, which was a crazy popular song in 2013 despite the controversial views of the song. The lyrics give off a very concerning attitude towards sex and consent. The phrase “I know you want it” is repeated numerous times, and is the chorus of the song.

I did not include every line of the song, but I put the most “uncomfortable” phrases on the page. The term “blurred lines” refers the to the unclear boundaries involved in sexual activities. I found the phrase, “You the hottest bitch in this place” very offensive since he refers to females as bitches which is very dehumanizing to females. The song speaks about a controversial topic the is very prominent nowadays.

4 thoughts on “Blurred Lines”

  1. Hi Kelley! I really appreciate how your poem is set up, it really makes me think about how uncomfortable it is to hear those phrases. I know someone that was raped and it absolutely disgusts me and makes me cringe. You do a good job explaining what the victim hears before that line of sex and sexual assault/ rape is hopped over. I want to know how come you only highlighted the phrase, “Baby can you breathe?” I take it as that line has been finally drawn but it did not matter and his words/ actions are smothering her.

  2. Hi Kelley!
    Wow. What you took out of this poem is astonishing. You truly show how women are dehumanized in society, as well as what the victim in this scenario is seeing/hearing/feeling. The fact that this song was ever popular is disgusting to me, as it pretty much describes the rape and objectification of a women. I believe that the “blurred lines” are meant to represent how the rapist in this story does not understand consent. The repetition of “I know you want it” shows the forcefulness of rapist and his disregard of what the victim wants. This poem is really powerful and I believe you did a really great job on referring to the unclear boundaries and the dehumanizing of this woman in the song/society

  3. Kelly, thank you for presenting this found poem! The line that sticks out to me and is repeated multiple is “I know you want it” I like how you bring your reader to face the disgusting assumption some men make in regards to how to treat a woman’s comfort and body. The repeated line serves as a constant reminder during the pleading of the persona, and shows that the persona doesn’t want no as an answer.

  4. I absolutely loved this! This is such a great job Kelley! The line that sticks out to me is the one that says “Baby can you breathe?” Maybe I go too far with this but what I understood after reading the whole poem and seeing that part highlighted and by the way it is structured, is the process of the woman being raped, the man claiming “she wants it”, stating he is going to liberate her, referring to her as a bitch… and the end, after forcing the woman, asking “baby, can you breathe?”

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