between men

Hello! As you may have noticed I am not in class this week because I am participating in a Model UN conference in NYC this week which also means that I don’t really have time to work on other things, that is why I had to do my found poem on a word document, copying and pasting screenshots haha

I decided to use the Paragraph 175, which is a part of the German criminal code the Nazi revised in 1935 that made illegal “a very broad range of behavior between men.” Here is a google doc I made with the paragraph 175, I encourage you all to have a look a it to see how crazy it was.

So, having that paragraph that basically made illegal, not only relationship between men, but also “inappropriate acts”, I decided to make a “love poem” somehow recognizing gay love, that, at the end, is human love.

Hope you like it! thank you guys!

One thought on “between men”

  1. Hi Alejandro, I truly enjoyed this poem and the message it sends to the audience! Even though you said that you had to copy and paste screenshots to a document I think it makes this poem even more interesting with the different fonts and sizes. It also illustrates that even though that document was written in Nazi Germany presumably during the 1930s, the idea of screenshots really modernizes it. It expresses the alteration of times and social morals. Thanks again for the great poem!

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