You, animals?

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a great day. Thanks for reading my poem!

I found an article about vegans which was recently published. Of course I had to pick one on that topic, right? The article was about how activists should be targeting corporations instead of the people who choose to buy the ‘products’. Here’s the thing: We tell the industries to make more of the product when we purchase from them. It’s supply and demand. It’s a business, and businesses that big don’t care about the animals, the environment, or your health. I highlighted the words I wanted to pick from the article in red because it depicts the animal industry well. The words in white are what the corporations want to sell to you – at least at the top of the poem – just like the words I put over the photograph which was in the article (the words were supposed to represent a cage). The poem is intended to be like the hierarchy in society. The corporation, the first, big word, is at the top. The center consists of you, or everyone that is not part of the corporations. We can choose to do the research and make a change. And at the bottom are the animals, viewed as products. The words “you,” “animals?” and “corporate” are repeated to emphasize this fine line between the industry and the animals that are exploited everyday.

We are all capable of making great changes in the world. I know so many of you are probably thinking “we get it, take a seat tree hugger,” but it really starts with one person. You can save multiple lives from the thousands of animals you keep off your plate. Your dollar is your vote. I hope this poem has affected some of you! I put so much thought in to this because I genuinely want to make an impact. If any of you are interested in veganism or have a question, please message me. I don’t bite (wouldn’t be very vegan of me you know).

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