What Could Be

Hi everyone! My found poem is from the poem Black Bird by Laura C. Taylor. This poem is about Taylor and how she was raped at the young age of 12. Taylor wrote this poem to bring awareness to a topic that most people don’t understand, whether its because they have never experienced such a traumatic experience, or just imply don’t get the rape culture s a whole. Taylor wrote in a short synopsis of this poem that she hoped this poem would either help those who read it connect directly or connect through other people, such as friends or family that have been raped before. Moreover, I made my found poem the same topic of the original poem because I do believe this topic is extremely important in bringing awareness and help to those who have experienced it. When I was picking out the words to black out I wanted to use words such as “scarred” and “shattering” because they are so powerful in explaining just how she felt while it was happening. Overall, after reading this poem I gained a greater understanding rape, and rape awareness.

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