We The People

Hey guys! My poem is titled, “We The People” and it’s inspired by the preamble. The preamble is the foundation for the constitution and basically covers all the main points as to why the constitution was written in the first place. Although the constitution promotes ideas such as liberty, justice, and an army that provides for the countries well being,  it’s clear that we live in an unequal place. The preamble promotes all these great ideas, but they are not followed through with. As we know from our studies in class as well as what happens in the world daily, there is still racial inequality among minorities. So, I decided to do a poem based off of the preamble, all the great things we as citizens are supposed to abide by.

I repeated the phrase, “we the people” to emphasize how Americans claim to follow the ideas of the constitution but don’t. In addition, I used repetition to show how “we the people” is a statement that excludes certain people. At the bottom of the poem, there is an image of a line with an “X” next to it. This is supposed to resemble what Americans might as well sign to and what they are basically already agreeing to. The format of the poem is the stanzas going downward, which is supposed to represent how America’s equality is slowly going downhill. Creating the poem was actually a lot more difficult than I anticipated and I also didn’t want to offend anyone who feels strongly about America’s constitution. Bringing words together in order for it to be logical and clear is difficult. I liked this exercise however and look forward to making another found poem in the future.

2 thoughts on “We The People”

  1. Hi Maddy!! I really like your analysis and interpretation of the Preamble because it is very accurate and very relevant throughout the world today. I also really liked how you decided to format your poem because it looks as if it is a real document/contract especially with the X____ at the bottom. I totally felt your frustration throughout the poem when you decided to highlight some of the key points in the Preamble. Really nice job!

  2. Hi Maddy!
    I love your found poem and I find it to be super powerful. The point that you are making with the preamble is sadly true. The constitution was created to ensure equality and freedom among Americans. However, Americans are free to an extent but the United States is filled with inequality, not equality. When you repeat the phrase “we the people,” it portrays this sense of unitedness that Americans desire to have. We want to be together and unite in order to be stronger as a whole; we want to act in one way but we are hypocrites. We perform something completely different than what we preach in the constitution. I also like how you repeat the phrase “but don’t provide blessings of liberty”. Unfortunately, many inequalities exist in our unbalanced society. To list a couple of examples of major inequalities that are present are racial inequalities, gender inequalities, economic inequalities, educational inequalities, etc., the list sadly goes on. Overall, I thought your found poem was simplistic and powerful. You highlighted key ideas in the preamble that Americans desire to have and you show the true colors of what is happening in the United States. Great Job!

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