Hi, everyone! I’d like to say thanks to those who take the time to read and comment on my poem. It always amazing to me how a person can do something, seemingly without thinking, yet the final product is able to have so much meaning. That’s really what happened when I was creating this. I could probably write a scholarly article length essay about the meanings that manifested in this piece, but I will try to keep it short.

This poem is created from an article about the Kim Kardashian-Jameela Jamil social media feud over the promotion of “detox” teas. Jamil, an actress from The Good Place, called out several of the Kardashians on Twitter for advertising this kind of thing in an attempt to alert them to the dangerous way they are influencing young girls. The article explains that the “detox” teas are not FDA approved, and research has revealed that they are essentially filled with laxatives and will not actually help anyone lose weight in a healthy or sustainable way.

If you pay attention to nothing else, please take note of the words that repeat and how they almost hauntingly hang around teenage girls.

2 thoughts on “Untitled”

  1. Love this!!! I love how you blacked out all the words that really didn’t matter.. and that you also left the repeated words (pseudoscience, teenage girls, supplements, etc.). I didn’t follow the whole Kim K & Jameela Jamil feud, but I kind of knew that detox teas that provide quick fixes are a joke. However, seeing it laid out in this way, all the “pseudoscience, weight loss, supplements” sprinkled around the “teenage girls” was really heartbreaking. It gave me a new perspective, and I wonder what other articles would look like if we blacked out all the fancy words and got to the real message hidden in the words.

  2. I liked the words you chose to box in, I feel like this is a huge problem especially now with social media being very popular. So many people feed into the lives of celebrities and they are role models to many people. Companies use this to their advantage to promote products in this consumerist society we live in. This clearly targets teenage girls which many do have a lot of insecurities they are dealing with and it’s sad because they give in to these type of supplements/detoxes celebrities promote on their Instagrams. The word “money” stood out to me because these teenagers are seen as commodities rather than human beings and the word “lies” and “chemicals” stood out to me as well because some of these supplements are ineffective and many girls are putting harmful chemicals into their body when if they chose to give in and purchase and ingest these supplements.

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