the party’s over

Hi guys! For my Found Poem I used the lyrics from Billie Eilish’s song “when the party’s over” which is about a relationship that she realizes is not good for her and decides to try to distance herself from said person. I decided to white-out the parts of the songs I wasn’t interested in to try to blend into the paper. For the lyrics to look like they were never on the paper compared to if they were blacked out, emphasizes my acceptance of the words gone rather than the anger that would follow with a black marker. I wanted to make a point to avoid the scribbles from a marker and use lighter strokes with the sponge from the white-out. This allows the tone of the poem to switch from angry to embracing being out of the relationship. I tried to make it simple as I kept in punctuation to keep words separated and clauses clear. It is also supposed to be read top-down and left to right. It’s supposed to be comprehensible and flow like it was once a song but also make sense when one picks out the words to create a similar meaning but different perspective.

The point I’m trying to make throughout the poem is similar to the song’s original meaning. My interpretation of it though, followed along the lines of a friendship that ended badly and was problematic. As you can see, I used white-out on every single line except for one that reads, “Call me friend but keep me closer (call me back)” which for the most part lies in the middle of the poem. The intended meaning of this line is referring to the quote “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”, which juxtaposes with the lyric that one person calls the other their friend but treats them badly as if they were an enemy. The poem I made out of these song lyrics are supposed to relate to the song’s original purpose of being in a toxic relationship to a different experience with a friend treating you badly for too long. It’s supposed to express that you can move on and avoid walking on egg shells forever.

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  1. Hey Lilly! Nice poem. I really liked the way you interpreted it and changed the meaning a bit to instead of being in a bad relationship with a lover, to being in a bad relationship with a friend. Sometimes a toxic relationship with a friend could be even worse then a toxic relationship with a lover. I liked your theme that it is possible to get out and “avoid walking on eggshells forever”- very powerful!!

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