The Guarantee of the College Admissions Scandal

Hi everyone! For my found poem, I decided to base it off an article of the recent college admissions scandal. My inspiration for where to place each sentence and word was mainly based off of the disorganization of “Zong”. Although my found poem is easier to read than Zong, I still tried to arrange the words and sentences in different places, where I thought they made the most sense. The main word in the found poem that I tried to incorporate in different places is “guarantee” because these families involved thought that everyone for their children was guaranteed until the truth about the scandal came out to the public. Also, I decided to put “The Unspecial Olympics” in the center because it is making a jab at the group of parents and people that are able to provide for their families but would rather cheat their way into a good university.

The message I am trying to send through this found poem is that the college admissions scandal was a very corrupt way of getting privileged, rich teenagers into the college of “their choice”. I say “their choice” because they only chose the school that would make them and their family look good. Many students who applied to universities like USC, UCLA, Stanford, Georgetown, Yale, Wake Forest, the University of Texas at Austin, University of San Diego, etc., could not get in because of the families that bribed their child’s way into a good education, limiting other students throughout the country of not getting into their top schools. The found poem I have created is meant to show how nothing in life is guaranteed, especially when you are willing to take a gamble this big.

One thought on “The Guarantee of the College Admissions Scandal”

  1. Hey Sophia! I loved your poem! I think it was super creative of you to do it based on the college scandal since its a well-known topic, and something that definitely gets me mad as well! I think its draw dropping how those who are privileged spend TONS of money just to get into school for the name and fame. I really like the format of your poem and how there are different fonts throughout. Your title also fits well with the poem and its content. Great job!

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