Hey everyone! My poem is based off of a news article that was written about my friend Paige that died in a car accident this past summer. Paige was the passenger and Bri, her best friend, was the driver. Their other friends were in a car ahead of them so Bri tried to catch up to them. She ended up going double the speed limit and crashed head on into another car. Paige died at the scene and Bri ended up in the hospital for two weeks with non-life threatening injuries.

I chose to do a poem on this because everything about the situation bothers me. Why did this have to happen, why did it have to end up with such an amazing person loosing their life, and why was such little justice brought to the situation. I’m not here to put my two cents in about who is guilty or anything in that manor. I’m here to bring awareness to the fact that people really do just turn their head instead of speaking up for what is right due to age, gender, race etc. If the driver was older, this case would have ended way differently.

I cut out words that made me feel a way no one should feel. A feeling of anger and sadness. I hope this poem has the same effect on all of you that are reading this.

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