is it my right?

The media portrays abortion like it is such a wrong thing to do, but I believe that every woman has their right to choose and nothing will ever be able to change that. I could not add another image, so I’m just going to write out the rest of the poem in case anyone is interested:

legalize abortion

nightmare forced continue regardless of harm them or family

no exceptions for rape or incest.


extremist, anti-woman

attack women’s health

I got this from a news article discussing the new Ohio abortion law. here is the link: . It basically discusses how women in Ohio can no longer choose. This topic has been very controversial, especially in the media, for years.

I understand that it is a sensitive topic for many people, however coming from someone who has experienced circumstances that I would need to get an abortion if I were to get pregnant, I hold my ground on this topic. Women have been put through some pretty awful things and almosty always seen as lesser, and that needs to change. Women deserve the right to choode what happens to their own body.

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