Nobody Wins

Hi everyone! I chose to do the poem based off and article from Press Herald. The article talks about the different points of views from different groups of society and law enforcement. There has been a huge dispute in the past fifty years about police brutality and the rest of society. I chose this poem because I grew up with a family full of law enforcement. It is hard to see my family and a lot of my friends to be looked down at because they are cops, but I can see why society might think of them in a negative way. My family and friends have treated everyone with respect no matter the color of their skin, affiliations, religious beliefs, etc. So this poem becomes important to me to not only get one side, but both.

To talk about the poem, the red represents society and how they perpetuate law enforcement and the blue is how the law enforcement perpetuates society. I set up the poem as an explanation so the reader can see the positives and negatives of both sides and understand why my title is, what it is. I feel as though there is a huge misunderstanding and social media/ the news channels do a really good job dividing that line. The hyphenations are there primarily for the reader to slow down and read it word for word and understand the words or phrases. I did not want the reader to fly through the poem and try to understand it as a whole, which is what I think is wrong with our society. I wanted the reader to be able to sit there and take it how she/ he wanted to and try to understand both sides.

Secrets Don’t Make Friends…

In the story A Raisin in the Sun, the family has been getting better. Walter seems to be more joyful to be around and actually took Ruth to the movies and they had a delightful walk through the snow and mama got some cool gifts! But, there has been some secrets that have been hidden and unfortunately, in Act II scene III, Walter and Ruth are hiding both of the secrets and also, lying.

On page 80, (right after Lindner leaves) mama asks Ruth and Walter what the man wanted and this is their response:

Mama: (Innocently) Who?

Beneatha: The welcoming committee. They said they’re sure going to be glad to see you when you get out there.

Walter: (Devilishly) Yeah, they said they can’t hardly wait to see your face. (Laughter)

Mama: (Sensing their factiousness) What is the matter with you all?

Walter: Ain’t nothing the matter with us. We just telling you ’bout the gentlemen that came to see you this afternoon. From the Clybourne Park Improvement Association.

Mama: What he want?

Ruth: To welcome you, honey!

As you can see, Walter and Ruth were not the only liars here. But, I can see why they did it. Mama bought them a house and was trying to better her and family by putting them in a better neighborhood. If Mama were to find out the real reason why Lindner was there, it would break her heart and would probably blame herself for putting her family (in what seems to be) a worse position.

After this whole fiasco, Bobo came and rang the doorbell while the family was passing Mama her gifts. Come to find out, Willy never met Bobo at the train station to head to Springfield. He has been missing for six hours with no phone calls, sightings, or contact with him. This stirs the pot for Walter because the family found out that he had used his sisters college money for his new liquor business he wants to start. He gave Willy and Bobo the money for the business, hence their (almost) train ride to Springfield and they lost the money.

To me, this is plain selfishness. I understand his reasoning to start a business and to make more money for his family. But, that is his sisters education and he threw it down the drain. If he were to sit them down, talk, and maybe work something out then I see that as being reasonable. But, selfishness took the win on this one.

Another common theme I have seen throughout this story thus far especially this scene) is, inconsistency. Walter and the family have been up, down, sideways, and backwards and they cannot seem to stay on the same page at all. As much as I want to see everything start to come together, I am getting this feeling that it will not be happening anytime soon.

Will Mama find out about why Lindner visited? Do you think Willy stole the money from Walter and Bobo?

Hi I’m Greg!

Hey everyone, my name is Greg and I am from Binghamton, NY. I am a sophomore and currently switched my major from English Adolescent Education to Physical Education. I am a big fan of Robert Frost poetry and Mark Twain! I am also a wrestling coach at Johnson City High School! Excited to get to know you all this semester!